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Amir Roseburg has been painting his whole life. It started as a hobby and grew into a true passion. Amir’s style of painting reflects his “out-of-the-box” thinking. He likes to experiment with different materials. Being creative makes him feel free.

Painting wasn’t perceived as “cool” when growing up. To break the mold Amir loves to give workshops to the youth and introduce them to art and being creative.

"We’re all looking for this bigger purpose in life. My biggest lesson has to be that I already had all the answers I was looking for. Art has always been my go-to. It has broadened my horizon and there are no mistakes. There are enough rules given to us by society so it’s nice to let go every now and then and just be! While painting you’re productive and it gives self-fulfillment!”

Next to being an artist Amir is also photographer, a filmmaker/ producer, Sneaker Fiend and Youth Worker. He’s a creative “Jack of all trades”!

Questions? Email me info@amirroseburg-art.com. I’m open for commissions and always down to talk on my socials! Follow me!



Surprise your loved ones!

Are you searching for a unique custom gift for your friends, family, or colleagues? I'm here for you! Here you have the perfect present! A custom portrait is a special gift that will make them smile, guaranteed!

Each detail is well thought out to make every portrait unique and important. I paint couples, kids, and families ... My portraits are totally customizable. You can ask for anything you think could be cool like clothing details or a special background.



(Only in The Netherlands)

Being creative bonds people and makes them more confident. Book a workshop with Amir Roseburg, starting from 4p. There's a wide variety of workshops for your company, a (kids) birthday party, a bachelor(ette) party or "just because".

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